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The first notes I heard out of them sounded gruesome.....harsh and forward in the midrange. I ran some frequency tone sweeps through them for about an hour and it toned down significantly. I also had to adjust to it's signature. When I did, I realized exactly what it was doing, and how exciting music can sound when it is not being 'filtered' or tamed by FR contouring. The clamp is a little tight but does loosen up with some flexing.

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I probably didn't give them enough time. It was a demo and the guy demoing them made it clear he hated them which didn't help! Pleased to hear that maybe MF didn't produce a pup.
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$160 'phones that have a good FR balance and great dynamics and PRAT. I really like the way music plays through these. But if one was to listen to these immediately after using something smooth,warm and a bit V-shaped, they would fling them off in disgust. Time is needed to readjust. I heard both scratchy treble and clean extended treble with these....so I am putting it down to the individual recordings.

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I've done some further listening and I would venture to say that these sound like a closed Grado SR125 with more bass extension.

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Listening on these now as I type. First album so probably not representative of how they will sound in a month or so. I am actually quite impressed. Not normal a MF fan as I find the sound a bit thin but I needed a set of foldable headphones for the new longer commute and these fit the bill physically and financially so I thought I would give them a go.


They sounded a bit bass light in the shop but that was on my phone so fair enough. Trying them at home now with my home set up and they sound much better. Bass is there, tick, mids are nice and highs are a bit harsh but it is only the first play. Overall pleasantly surprised and looking forward the commute just a little more now.


Mind you I did buy them because I thought they were closed back (I do try to be a good subject on the public transport) but it appears they leak quite a bit. I might need to turn the volume down when out and about!

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Just joined up to post my impressions of these headphones, which I bought a few weeks ago. I don't listen via headphones a huge amount, so I wasn't looking to spend too big, and these MF-100s were pretty much the amount I was considering. I have also had good experiences with MF products before, with the V-series components.

1. They're a bit tight (I do have a larger-than-average bonce, though), and the suede/alcantara replacement earpads are definitely the ones to go for as regards comfort. Either they'll stretch a little with prolonged use, or I'll just become accustomed to the feel.


2. The lead is a bit short for home listening, but fine for portables. You may require an extension lead for use at home.


3. Not currently owning any iStuff, I can't tell you if the button thing on the lead works or not.


4. Run 'em in, and run 'em in well! When I first put them on, I thought I'd maybe made a duff purchase, as they were very bright. However, on-line opinions suggested they'd need a bit of use to show their true colours. I plugged them into a portable radio, turned up the volume on a music station and stowed everything into a wardrobe so I didn't have to hear anything from them for the next 48 hours.


I'm sure there's more breaking-in to come, albeit nothing as obvious as what has happened so far, but these headphones are now much nicer to listen to - smoother and bigger-sounding. Anyone trying these out in a shop should definitely take this factor into account, asking whether they are straight from the box or not.


They are used with either an old Samsung YP-K5 for portable use or a Furutech ADL Esprit for home listening. The ADL is fed by Foobar2000 (with WASAPI) on my laptop, playing mainly lossless FLAC & WMA.


PS: A week ago, I bought the latest Hi-Fi News & Record Review, and Ken Kessler was very effusive about them in his back page column. Make of that what you will.

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I've now owned this pair of headphones for just over a week (my collection includes Sennheiser HD600, Klipsch X1, Phonak PFE 122, iGrado).


First impressions were of a jagged, piercing treble, pretty much unlistenable. This seems to be a common finding of reviewers in this forum, but I was nevertheless quite disappointed.

Followed the advice in this forum and ran it non-stop with radio for 48 hours, and it became substantially better.


Now a week down the line, it has continued smoothing out, and the bass has become more solid.


I would describe it as a crisp, fast, detailed sound which is very different from the more mellow HD600 and bassier, duller-sounding Klipsch X1. Closer to the Grado type of sound really.


Highly recommended if you like that sonic signature, it has certainly grown on me.

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Originally Posted by drykoke View Post

I would describe it as a crisp, fast, detailed sound which is very different from the more mellow HD600 and bassier, duller-sounding Klipsch X1. Closer to the Grado type of sound really.



Yes, they are fast, upfront, almost aggressive (compared to "slower" cans) but a lot of fun to listen to. The dynamics in the recordings are reproduced almost flawlessly, no smoothing over of transients.

The downside of all this (to my ears) is that the FR seems to jump from the bass to the mid/upper mid with little in between.

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They are never going to become laid-back in their sonic signature, but mine have smoothed out significantly since I bought them.


You will notice tape hiss and groove noise a bit more than with some headphones, but the brain can tune that out to some extent, after the music has been playing for a few seconds.


For reference, they replaced a pair of Sennheiser HD515s, which never really satisfied me, although they are very comfortable. Thankfully, I bought them at a heavy discount, so don't regret the purchase much.

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Looks cool

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I have to ask, has anyone had a chance to compare these to a pair of Senn HD25-1 ii's?

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HD25 is much more in your face than these , I have never found the HD25 to be a very good can for listening to music , it's more of a tool.
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Cool, so the MF-100's are more musical than the HD25's?

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Definitely, they have a very wide stage and tons of detail.

Here's my review..

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Thanks dude, are you happy with the MF-100's as portable headphone?

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