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M-Audio M3-6 and M3-8 Monitors

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Just found out that they have this new 3 way monitors released earlier this year and seems to be available since Sep 26 2013.

They certainly look nice to me with a very attractive price of under $300.

I couldn't find any review for these anywhere other than news about it.

What are your thoughts on these speakers?

Has anyone tired these yet?






M3-8   $299






M3-6  $249


Full Compass


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They are not 300$ though, but 300$ each. Just clarifying so nobody will get it mixed.


Thoughts? Well if they have trouble making a good 2-way speaker at that price, why try to make a 3-way?

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Headzone, why are you saying this?

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What do you exactly mean? 


I don't think they can design a good sounding 3-way speaker at that price point. Third driver more like a gimmick to attract studio noobs into buying these speakers.


Found a review of them here: http://news.cnet.com/8301-13645_3-57608971-47/shock-and-awe-the-m-audio-m3-8-speakers/


That doesn't really tell anything about the sound quality unfortunately.

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And what are your thoughs about BX5 D2 and BX8 D2 2-way monitors from them?

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This review provides a good synopsis on the sound quality and Steve Guttenberg has a good reputation. So I think his write up gives you an pretty good idea on what to expect from these. If you are looking for an extensive review with measurements maybe some proaudio sites may post something at some point. 

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