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Philips Shibuya Citiscape?

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I´m sorry if this thread doesn´t belong here, but the Recomendation sub-forum doesn´t seem too active.

Well, I was looking for some new headphones, because I´m getting tired of using my cheap Energy Sistem cans, they don´t sound very good (decent bass, but ugly highs and mids) and after 1-2 hours, they get painful to use. I use them on my notebook, mostly for gaming, but I´m looking for something that can be used to listen to music too. Mainly for music, I just my Philips SHE-3590 IEM´s that are pretty good, as everybody knows, but aren´t good for playing and talking on Team Speak.

So, I saw the Philips Shibuya on a local store, and they look pretty good, comfy, and I have read that they sound quite good, but not sure. If someone has used them, I would be glad to hear his opinion. I´m open to suggestions too, but I can´t find many brands here, only "mainstream" brands like Sony, Panasonic, Philips...



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Image bump :(

I can´t spend more than 40 dollars on headphones, I don´t want anything perfect, I just need something that sounds nice, and comfy to use.

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I don't think I've ever heard of the Shibuya model.  It looks a lot like the Citiscape Downtowns though.  Here's what I've found after a quick Google search:


Amazon UK product page:


You can probably find some decent cans online though.  Monoprice 8323, Superlux HD681 EVO and 668B are some decent cheap options.

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Yeah, after looking some time, I think that I should buy on Ebay or something, on local stores I can´t find anything decent.

I found some reviews too, but i´m not sure about Amazon. I wanted to know if someone here have tried them, because at Amazon, I don´t know if people can actually know if something sounds bad or good.


After reading some threads here, the JVC HA-S500 look pretty nice, at 55$ dollars on Ebay.

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