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Share your experiences with courier services: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

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Since i haven't found anything like this yet on head-fi and have just experienced a (horror) story involving a certain courier service, i think it's time to start a thread about experiences with the guys who deliver our long awaited headgear.


the goal of this thread should be to help people who are selling stuff to (or buying from) other head-fiers decide which courier they will entrust their package to. i guess there will be bad stories just about every courier service (sometimes schiit just happens), so be careful with both writing and reading (also see the rules section below).


so, if you just bought/sold/traded something on the head-fi sales and trade forums (or any other manufacturer, reseller etc.) please post your experience in here.


i will try to keep track of the stories mentioned here and collect/link them in the table in the second post. to avoid letting this grow into a "haters & bashers" thread, please adhere to the following rules:


  1. only post experiences you have had yourselves. i.e. not "a friend of my cousin's girlfriend's brother" or the like.
  2. keep emotional outbursts at a minimum. anger leads to hate. hate leads to bashing. bashing leads to... well, you get the picture...
  3. stick to the truth. there's no gain and no help for others in posting fake stories, especially "ugly" horror stories since they can quickly ruin a company's reputation for nothing.
  4. no trolling, flaming etc. (obviously)
  5. use the following simple characterization at the beginning of a new post/story to make the thread easily searchable and simplify the collecting job for me:



Courier service: [UPS, GLS, DHL, USPS, TNT...]

Type of experience: [exemplary, good, bad, ugly (=horror story)]

Brief explanation: [a few short words about what happened]


[your story...]



cakensaur, would you do the honors of posting our story? :D 

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Courier service exemplary good bad ugly
TNT       1
DHL 1      

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I thought that i would kick start this whole thread off, with a story between me and OP. our experiences with TNT are what eventually led to this thread.




Here goes. I was selling a Schiit Lyr to OP and due to the country differences, me being in the United kingdom and OP in Austria shipping was a little expensive for a package as heavy as the lyr. naturally in order to keep costs down i shopped around with different couriers in order to get the best deal. and ideally hit under £50 for a next day delivery. I figured that i wanted it to be as cheap as possible, but with a reputable company.


One such company is TNT. which on the face of it seems a reputable, good quality courier with years of experience, and a multinational corporation, would do next day delivery for around £50.




Or not, from here Schiit started hitting the fan.


So i purchased labels from them to put on the box and it was arranged they come the following day.


Excellent, i thought. i don't even have to leave the house!


so the day came, properly labelled and such for the excellent piece of Schiit to be sent to its new loving home in continental Europe.


I handed the package to TNT that day. something which served to punish. and keep on punishing for six+ weeks. Though i didn't know it.


So i went about my business and let OP know that it had been shipped.


Over the next few days i began to wonder why OP hadn't PM'd me since he had got his amp. it turns out it was for a very valid reason.


He didn't have it.


Oh Schiit. I thought, we however agreed to leave it a couple of days, the tracking numbers said it was still at the depot, so its probably just going on its next flight i reasoned to myself.


Another week passed... At which point i had to call TNT up, i was surprised as i got through to people very quickly.


I spoke with a man, referenced the neccesary numbers and he revealed the information to me that they were going to conduct searches.


SEARCHES? my stomach seemed to implode as what me and OP had feared had come to life.


Its lost.


Don't worry, its okay though, as its insured for the full amount.. we are safe from anything.


i went forth, getting called, or if i hadn't been called by 4pm, calling TNT each day (to TNT's credit they did call most days and had pretty good customer services.) getting updated on the whereabouts of the amplifier each day. This "three day search" ended up taking the best part of two weeks. during which time, strongly worded letters were sent, i was stressed each day because of it. at the end of this search i got a call.


A call that had said the package had been lost.


I was half relieved. I thought, okay, now i can just get my money back and re-fund OP. It won't be a problem, Because I was covered.


Only we weren't somehow covered from them losing packages. not fully anyway.


They said that the maximum that i could be covered was for £12 per kilo. The package happened to weigh in at 5kg, so i was set to get £60.


I felt a bit sick, after this call i went upstairs and notified OP, who, by the way, was amazing through all of this. perhaps the best seller i will EVER come across, very understanding, and showed so much empathy. We are both students. so when i told him i wouldn't be able to refund him immediately i didn't know what to say, but i know i wanted to refund him as quickly as possible, i did not want to take advantage. i couldn't. Not after all OP had shown me in kindness.


So i went and sold some headphones, My Momentums, and tried to sell others, in order to pay OP.


after a week or so of this selling, i remember it well, it was a wednesday and I'd just got home...


I went into the kitchen and there was a box there.


the message i sent to OP:


 "Well shouting at TNT worked. although not in the way i anticipated. 


so.. the story hasn't finished yet, because today, in the same, unopened box i shipped it in.. a Lyr.. and iPod.. and set of tubes arrived... "


The amp had arrived on my doorstep, six weeks after originally shipping it out. with no letter, text, call that they were going to send it to me.


This puzzled me though.


the thing i wondered the most was


 "What i don't understand is, when they found it why didn't they send it on to you?


In the end i paid £50 for them to stress me out for 6 weeks and send the amp back to me. sounds like a good deal."


As soon as the shock was over we ended up sending out the Lyr again, via another courier.. and eventually Op got it. with no real negative impacts on either side apart from stress and wasted time. (apart from i had to ship it twice at £50 a go!)


I just want to take this time to mention this is the worst experience i have ever had with a courier and wouldn't wish this on anyone.


I want to end this message on a even cheerier note.


a PM from OP to me:


 "Well... As the saying goes, you don't have the time, you take it. Trying the tubes now and they sound gorgeous, though i really would have liked to have a comparison.

Thanks a lot again for selling me this piece of schiit :-D"


I would just like to thank OP again, for being so understanding throughout all this. and while not wanting this to sound like a speech i really want OP to know just how thankful i am.


Thanks bud :)

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Originally Posted by ampair View Post
Courier service exemplary good bad ugly
 TNT Nope! Nope! Nope! THIS ONE!!
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thanks for the write-up (and the praise for me :D)


and yes, this was about the ugliest experience with a courier i ever hope to experience. from payment to delivery it took the best part of 8(!) weeks, not even snail mail shipments from china take that long. and when it finally arrived, one of the tubes was broken and i had to endure the torture of having an unusable new toy at home for one more week until replacements arrived...


now i have to populate the thread. if anything, our story makes for a good reading :)


PS: in return, i have to thank you for being a very forthcoming seller. i guess other people would have plainly told me to sort it out with tnt since they were the ones who screwed up. it surely was an honour doing business with you

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Courier service: DHL

Type of experience: exemplary

Brief explanation: 3 days from hong kong to austria, despite insufficient addressing


let's do a positive report, for once :)


i had preordered a fiio e12diy back in september, and on december 24 it was finally picked up by DHL in hong kong. today, it arrived at my office at the university - and only so because noone was there on friday (everyone gone for christmas holidays, duh). here's a screenshot of the tracking protocol:

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


the cause for the "shipment on hold" in leipzig was that december 26 is a state holiday in austria, so they couldn't transport the package to the soritng facility in vienna. if that wouldn't have been the case, i'd gotten it 1 day earlier - not even 48 hours after pickup in hong kong.


what's even more remarkable is how they coped with the address:



the address i gave to fiio consisted of the name of my institute, my name and the complete street address - somehow they must have mixed that up and replaced it with three times my name, plus they forgot to denote the house number.


but that obviously didn't stop the DHL guys. they knew there was a university building on this street, so they looked up my name using my university's white pages tool and delivered the package to the correct office. well done, DHL!

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