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Spotify Rig

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Hi guys,


I'm quite interested in this Spotify lark as the content seems to be getting better all the time and as a Pink Floyd fan, the recent addition of their library appeals to me too. The problem is I currently only have Spotify on my Samsung Galaxy Note and suffice to say the quality is pretty poor compared to what I'm used to.


So, my question is this - how can I build a good sounding Spotify rig? I don't mind changing my phone, and I currently have an Astell & Kern AK100, which I might be able to utilize somehow - my earphones are HD25-1 II, so they should be up to the task. I don't really want to spend much more than £500 if possible.  Any suggestions are most welcome.



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i vaguely recall reading somewhere that not all the tracks on Spotify are as advertised 320kbps (assuming you are a paying consumer).


That said, you might want to be a little more specific as to what you mean when you say that the quality is poor. Is it that the bass is lacking or the mids is sounding muffled? Depending on what is the problem you are facing, there can be a variety of solutions available.


If the issue is with the bass, then perhaps you might want to look at getting an amp for for it. But at the end of the day, there is still no substitute for better quality tracks, so you might want to take out your AK100 and use that instead.


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320kbps should be enough for it to sound good.

You could get a portable dac / amp that works with the Note - HRT Microstreamer might be an option, don't know if it works with the Note though. Way cheaper than your £500 limit.

You could also get a good source with either Android or iOS for less than £500. Maybe the new Sony walkman?

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hey guys, thanks for the replies - I didn't realise that USB products for Android phones existed - I'll have to start looking into that :)  I looked into the HRT and it seems they do one called the Headstreamer Mobile that works with Android.  Would I need a better source if I'm using a DAC/Amp though - I thought that would negate the source.

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The Microstreamer works with a lot of Android phones too, including the Note 2, not sure about the original Note though. I think it's supposed to be a lot better than the Headstreamer.

No, you wouldn't need a better source, I'm just mentioning getting a better source as an alternative option :)

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For anyone interested in Spotify for A&K please check out my post here:


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