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Fischer Audio TBA-04 released!

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Good news everyone!


Promised long time ago, our first triple armature earphone is finally released!



When we started working on this model, nobody could imagine that it will lead to a 3 years development journey. We tried a lot of different approaches, and several new projects was born in the process. But this is another story for another time. For TBA, we wanted something special, something that is not present at the BA market today. But special does not mean weird, as it happens sometimes today. We still had good old fair even frequency response in mind, and you can expect that.

Two things we wanted to get rid of - boomy and uncontrolled bass and typical edgy sound of BA drivers.

TBA is pure monitor at heart, but with focus on richness and correct timbre. Sound is provided in inoffensive way, without overwhelming bass or spiky hights. It favors considerate and thoughtful listening.



And a bit of technical details. Custom crossover implementation makes one driver working full range, with two others helping it to extend and smooth overall frequency response. This helps minimizing negative effects of usual multi-driver designs as phase and group delay fluctuations, which contributes to stable and coherent soundstage and tight bass.




Technical Data
Frequency range 20-19000 Hz
Sensitivity 114 dB
Impedance 23 Ohm
Maximum power input 60 mW
Cable length 1.25 m
Driver dia triple balanced armature
Material plactic
color white/black


Also predicting some questions, sort of mini-FAQ:


Q - Are TBA-04 a successor to DBA-02? Does it share same sound signature?

A - No and no. This is a completely different earphone, and is not an evolution of DBA. Do not expect usual TWFK sound here.


Q - Housing looks big and boxy on this photos, what's about comfort?

A - In fact, housing have almost same dimensions as DBA-02 mk1. Deep insertion is not required for optimal sound, so we do not expect much fit issues.


Q - Can we expect version with replaceable cable in near future?

A - Unfortunately, no. There is no plans for it anytime soon.


Q - Where to buy?

A - At the moment it is available exclusively on Fischer Products Europe. MSRP is $299

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Looks terrific.. how much does this have in common with the Tandem's sound?

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Well, I can say that TBA indeed reminds Tandem in sound signature. To what extend - it is individual :)

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Very interesting, especially as the claim is you've eliminated the TWFK treble spikes from the sound signature.  Will this get convenient North American distribution?

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The website hosting has been suspended.

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Exciting news indeed...I love my triple-BA IEM and loved every FA IEM that I ever bought...is it tuned more towards fun sound or monitoring?

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Im ordering mine
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Cant open the page tho...?
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It says This Account Has Been Suspended

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Is there an issue, how can i buy please?

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Originally Posted by soundblast75 View Post

Is there an issue, how can i buy please?


Give it a few days.. the FA folks probably forgot to pay their web hosting bill/renewal.  I'm sure they'll be up and running soon.

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Oh r-r-right. Somebody forgot to pay for hosting. Sorry for inconvenience, we will fix it today, after I bash some people :veryevil:

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Site must be ok now =)

Edited by fischeraudio - 10/10/13 at 3:24am
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Originally Posted by fischeraudio View Post

Oh r-r-right. Somebody forgot to pay for hosting. Sorry for inconvenience, we will fix it today, after I bash some people :veryevil:

Hahah How many people did you ended up bashing? LOL

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Are you doing something acoustically to roll the full range driver from where it may not be as limber so that the dedicated high frequency driver can dominate and shine?

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