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For Sale:
FS: Grado SR80i and Electric Avenues PA2v2

Will Ship To: United States

Hello everyone! I am looking to sell off a couple pieces of gear!  I have:


-A Grado SR80i that I bought in February of this year.  I used it for about a month, until I picked up a modded pair.  This is in 9.5/10 shape, the only imperfection I could find is a little nick in the silver surround of the button on one cup.  I tried to include a pic of it, but it is a very small nick.  I am asking $75 + shipping on these. SOLD


-An Electric Avenues PA2v2 portable headphone amplifier.  I have thoroughly enjoyed this, but found myself not using an amp on-the-go like I used to, and I really hate seeing this just sit around. I would rather it get into the hands of someone who will use it!  MOVED INTO CORRECT FORUM.


I am not really looking for trades; I am saving toward a MrSpeakers MadDog at the moment, and all my cash is going toward that.  If by some chance you have one, and want to trade (+cash on my end) for any of my items, let me know, and we will see if there is anything we can work out.  Thanks for looking!

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