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Hey guys! Not much to say. But I hope to see more awesome stuff, hopefully I'll be able to contribute something useful. I just enjoy good audio, I got thrown into the hi-fi world when I listened to a friend's AKG Q701, and so here I am! I don't know much about audio and what not, but I'm good with small little quirks. I'm also a huge fan of Vocaloids (Google it if you're interested), always interested in hearing new Vocaloid songs.


I'm open to pretty much anything, I don't "hunt" for a genre of music or some artist or whatever. I'm random, that's how I live.



Not much but my Audio Hardware:

AKG K240 Studio


Philips SHE9000/28

Panasonic RP-HC55 

8GB iTouch 4th Generation (2011 ver.)

HTC Desire HD

2 Desktops

1 Netbook

Random splatter of old MP3 players 


I don't own any separate DACs or Amps.