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I take the pleasure of being the first one to leave feedback for Jason (Zuerst). I bought the Audio Technica A900s from him. He was fair with the pricing, quick in communication, and shipping. The A900s were just as described, and packed with great care for the shipping.

All in all, a pleasure to deal with. I recommend Jason as a great guy to deal with, without any reservations.

"Two Thumbs Up !!"
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Bought his ATH-EM9r. Very quick to communicate, VERY quick to ship. Description of the EM9r was spot on, maybe even judging too much (he said 9/10, but I don't know if I could tell them apart from a brand new pair). A great transaction overall.
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Generous pricing. Good communication. Quick delivery!

Little or no wear on sale items.

Jason. You are unreal.

Thanx! To a member of the great Republic!
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Zuerst sold me some E888's. They came very quickly and in perfect condition. Thank you : )!
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I bought Zuerst a pair of EC7's in Japan and shipped it to him after I came back to the states. prompt communication and payment. great guy to deal with.
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Awesome Guy

He is the reason Head-Fi is one of the best damned places on the internet. Fast responses, fast shipping, wonderful packing, good prices, and a patient dude. I would recommend him without reservation.

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I got ATH-EC7 from Zuerst. The communications were fast and headphones came in excellent condition and very fast. Thanks for the excellent transaction!
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Ravel Bolero CD

Bought a CD off of Jason, i believe it was saturday, he dropped it off same day and i got it today! Very fast, simple and straight forward communication, a very seamless transaction, pleasure doing business with you!

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Bought a Sony SA5000 from Jason, and the overall tranaction was great. He shipped it out to me very quickly, and also packaged the phones very well. Cool guy to do business with. Thanks again!
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Bought HD-555's

The HD-555's were in perfect condition, packaging was excelent, and communcation was open and easy. A++ seller. This was only my second transaction on head-fi but i do a lot of buying on other forums (bike and car related) and i've never been so satisfied with a seller.

He seriously replied to all my PM's in under 2 hours. :-D thats service.
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I bought some E3c's from him and he shipped them real fast. Great communication. Would do business with again!
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I bought an Incubus CD/DVD set that Jason was selling. It was shipped quickly and arrived in great condition. He also maintained great communication throughout the transaction. I'd certainly deal with him again and would not hesitate to recommend him to others. A+ trader!
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great seller

just bought some ety er4ps from jason and everything was in perfect order. i wouldn't hesitate to buy from him again.
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Jason sold me his Gilmore Lite, and due to his outstanding communication (not to mention packing), the whole transaction went flawlessly. I would not hesitate to buy or sell with him again. Folks like Jason are one of the cornerstones of this forum.

Thanks amigo!
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I purchased a used Koss KSC35 from Zuerst. They were shipped promptly. I had no problem with the packaging, everything was packaged well and survived the trip. The clip-ons seemed to be in rediculously good shape! They sound fine. I have used them for about 3 hours so far and nothing has gone wrong in that period of time. Their condition for being used is excellent. No scratches or nicks or anything. The original packagins was included in the deal and that is in good condition as well!

If you are interested in dealing with Zuerst, from my expereince, DO IT YOU FREAK! Don't sit there and think about it, you will be getting a good deal no doubt and the stuff will be just as he discribes it. A great experience and a wonderfull adition to the Fore Sale Forum of Head-Fi.
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