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Audio Analysis Tools

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Can anyone recommend some good audio analysis tools? Specifically what I need most right now is a good spectrum analyzer and spectrogram but I'm not sure which free programs are good. If anyone can offer any advice to help cut down the time to find one it would be much appreciated.

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I dont know about free software, but these might work out for you:




I have used SmartLive from EAW quite a lot, I dont think it is available anymore though and it cost money back when I bought it.

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I believe that Audacity has a spectrum analyzer, which is free. Depending on what you want, Foobar also has a realtime spectrum. I personally use Adobe Audition 3.0. It's simple and provides a lot of info. And there are plugins for FLAC. Only downside is it's not free.
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Thanks for the tips. I've tried audacity and leaves a bit to be desired; suppose if I want something better I'll have either pay or make it myself.
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Yeah, I actually never tried Audacity's function, Audition gave me everything I needed. If this: http://www.voxengo.com/product/span/ is what you are looking for, that's exactly what Audition does. Umm... slight little hint, if you look around companies or places that use these types of programs, you might find a legal copy of Audition 3.0 lying around, that's how I got mine. :wink_face: 

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