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Subwoofer Help

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Hey guys, I am looking for a subwoofer for my studio monitors but I just can't afford to spend $300+ on studio subwoofers. I was wondering if I can use a powered subwoofer? I have M-Audio BX8As connected to an Mbox 3 currently. 

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Studio subwoofers are powered. I'm assuming you mean home audio subwoofers? Sure. Just to have to make certain it has the connections you need. Does your Mbox 3 have an extra set of left/right RCA outputs so you could hook up a sub and run the left/right channel to both?

If so, what about the JBL ES250PBK? Pretty powerful 12" that should keep up with your M-Audio BX8As. If you want cheaper, I recommend looking into Dayton's SUB1000 and SUB2000.

However, realize that the best integration is probably to set the crossover (which is just a low pass filter) on the sub to somewhere around the low frequency rolloff of the BX8As. So you are only adding to the low end, not replacing the bass that the BX8As put out. You can try running the sub crossover at higher frequency, but often "double bassing" (having the speakers and the sub produce the same frequencies) doesn't sound that great. That's why home theater setups use bass management in AVRs to set a higher crossover point using high pass filters on the speaker output. Alternatively, some subwoofers have both line level input AND output with high pass filter built in. This way you can run the audio to the sub, and it takes out the frequencies the sub needs, and then cuts the audio up higher for sending to the speakers. For example, this Velodyne DEQ-8R has a 120hz high pass filter on the line out.
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This is the inputs/outputs of my Mbox 3

Right now my BX8As are connected to Monitor Output 1 via a dual XLR to 1/4' TRS Y cable. 

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Sorry. I don't know. Probably best to read your manual smily_headphones1.gif
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I can't plug in the RCA from subwoofer to TRS into monitor output 2 and adjust the low pass filter or get a sub that has line level input AND output with high pass filter built in?

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Right now my BX8As are connected to Monitor Output 1 via a dual XLR to 1/4' TRS Y cable


Perhaps I misunderstand you mate but that doesn't look right to me. In fact it looks like you are currently listenng in mono to the right hand channel only.


Normally you should connect MONITOR 1 to speaker one via a balanced TRS-TRS (or TRS-XLR or even TRS-Phono) & MONITOR 2 to the second speake in a like manner.


This might be useful

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Ok, let me fix that. cel4145, if I purchase the Dayton SUB1000, how would I route my connections?>

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I don't know how the Mbox 3 works nor it's capabilities. Sorry.
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