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For Sale: WTS: Unique Melody Merlin

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For Sale:
WTS: Unique Melody Merlin

Will Ship To: USA

Up for sale is a lightly used pair of UM Merlins.  They sound absolutely great but I need to put money towards other things. 


Price includes expert packaging, shipping, tracking, full insurance up to $500, and paypal fees. 


Pictures will be up later on tonight (not that you really need them since you're probably going to get them reshelled anyways).


I work at a UPS Store so your item will be expertly packed and insured up to it's full purchase amount.  I take absolute pride in getting your items to you safe and securely.  Feel free to check my feedback if you need any confirmation =)


I can ship to different countries but prefer to keep these in the USA.  Shipping is a lot easier, I'm able to keep track of it's progress, and I can file a claim very quickly and easily in case anything happens.


Thanks for looking!



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Didn't see cable in the pics, it doesn't come with cables?
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pm sent

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