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Best IEMs for the budget?

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I'm willing to buy used.  I just need to pick up a pair of IEMs (the deeper/snugger they get into my ears, the better - I am someone who honestly can't get normal ear 'buds' to stay in my ears.  I am not kidding.) for being able to listen to music while at work.  But I've been away from the hifi scene for a few years now and I was never into IEMs to begin with.  I'm hoping to get a good idea of the best buys in my price range (let's say $40-60 - remember, I'm fine with buying used.)


Sound signature wise.. well, you can provide that kind of information on a per-suggestion basis.  First and foremost, I'm looking for overall quality.  I don't want anything that isn't pretty well-rounded.  Needs to be fully powered by the caliber of amp you'd find on smartphone (I'm going to be using a galaxy s3 with these for a while, until/if i get a dedicated mp3 player.) - though I assume almost all IEMs would be ,_,


Thanks for taking the time to read this and to send some suggestions / comparisons my way.  Just looking to get a bit of consensus here on what directions to move in!

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Future Sonic Atrios 65$


Audeo pfe012 55$


Etymotic hf3 75$

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