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For Sale:
For Sale: My Failed Hopes (Matrix M-Stage amp + HifiMeDiy Sabre Async DAC)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hi all.


My apartment was broken into back in July, and they stole my Senn HD600, along with my Asgard and DAC. I managed to pull these two together as a (great) replacement for that setup, but I can't afford to buy a headphone that will match the splendor of my dearly departed HD600.


The items: 


Matrix M-Stage amp: I think this is the original version. It is in absolute mint condition, and has never been opened by me.


HifimeDIY Sabre U2 Asynchronous 24/96 USB DAC (with optical out). Also in impeccable condition.


So, I'm looking to sell these two to get some money back into my student pocket for some non-essential things like food, housing, and heat.


I'm mainly looking to sell this as a combo, but I'd be willing to trade the M-Stage for an Etymotic ER4S.


PM me with offers or questions. I'd ideally like to get around $190 for the pair. I'll also throw in a free 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch adapter.


Thanks for looking!

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