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Hey,Skippy- Please report back when you get your Voight's built. (I have looked at full range drivers for a while but have no room left for another set of speakers). I would love to hear your impressions of the sound. Pictures would be cool, too!
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hey, for anyone who is considering building speakers with full range drivers, check this out:


it's a vifa full range driver. Check out the frequency response! I mean, -3bdB at 75Hz (well, if you don't count that tiny dip), and that's without a cabinet of any kind! Unbelievable. I've been hard at work finding a place that stocks them, and I think I've been able to. I'll report back on the price, although as far as I know right now it's only about $40!
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after weeks of toiling with MDF, searching for the power tools that were in storage ( i was using hand tools for a lot of the speaker) avoiding the heatwave in NYC and taking cover from the recent storms here, i have one voigt speaker to show for it. it's still in the tuning phase, so right now the baffle is being held together by masking tape and C clamps.

ignore the idiot in the picture, he hasn't had enough beer yet

how's it sound?

the lush mids, nice highs. a peaks here and there, but it can probably be fixed with some damping. it's musical sounding. i have one major problem with the sound. the lack of bass. i didn't expect much bass, i know it's only a 5 1/4" driver. however, there is no bass. it drops off sharply somewhere in the midbass. very disappointing. perhaps the rat shack 40-1286c fullrange driver might give me better extension.

more to come...
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add an open baffle or bandpass sub,takes care of the bottom octave
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i suppose a bandpass would eliminate the need for a crossover, but i want to keep my system as simple as possible. i've built a pair of 3 way speakers (the one on the left with two drivers visible) and it has a pretty flat response that goes deeep. but i wanted to do a single driver voigt out of simplicity. so i suppose i'm going to have to try some of the larger drivers. the rs 1271, 1272 and 1286 all look interesting...
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I think I have read every voight pipe/TQWT project on the net and from what I can tell , an 8 " full range driver is the best comprimise

when it comes to bass , I pretty much never go below 12 ",simple matter of moving enough air for true bass

My main speakers presently are PRO-LX-5 with modifications

1-the entire top plate was removed
2-replaced with thick felt then just the tweeter was bolted back on
3-SEAS 5.25 inch shielded mid-woofer replaces the rat shack woofer
4-added an inductor the the mid woof to cut the top end of same
5-solen fastcap on tweeter for high pass
6-the biggest improvement,built a 12" bottom.the LX5 sits on top so no stands are needed

Eventually I hope to build some voigts (already have the drivers) and hope to tackle some real horn speakers , I need the SPLs from a 10 watt amp , but I need to con my wife into letting me set up something that big

In my favor was the stereophile show in NY we wandered into the Audio Classics room.They do reproductions of classic JBL speakers plus some designs of thier own.

we spent 45 minutes (!) in that room listening to a BIG horn (about 5' tall) hooked up to a tube amp and she was for the first time impressed !


'til I checked the prices , about $7.000


I also found out she likes tubes,BUT THEY MUST GLOW !

put the tubes in a box and cover them up and see ya

So for christmas this year (she don't read these pages)

HD600 (she liked these also) and DIY tube amp or Earmax (she though it was just the coolest looking amp on the planet)

but lookout guys , if she gets the "bug" we are all in trouble , strong woman there man

then again , we could use some balance from the oposite sex


back on topic

I admire those tiny amps and have stated that they are not for me


natural progression ,have to do it all .And it would be a nice addition to the "stealth rig",you know,the concert rig

1-MD player/recorder
2-stealth mics and battery box
3-headphone amp
4-earbuds (I hates 'em , but what choice ?)

When I did the Doobies last month the sign at the gate said "no electronics" but I strolled in with my MS-1s around my neck and my travelling horror show over my shoulder

NO one said ****

but another time ?
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