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Earcup Care Question

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I've got a pair of ATH-M50s-LE-SPECIAL. They are pretty nice and right out of the box the vinyl ear pads are incredibly soft and supple. However in the past few months the earcups have begin to dry right out, and now most of the earcup is dry and hard.

Is there a way to treat this? should I have done something to the vinyl to try and help it retain it's suppleness? I do live in a climate which is not overly humid (in the Okanagan in British Columbia, Canada)


Or is this completely normal?

Any thoughts? Thanks!

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Its 100% normal.  Replace the pads with these:


They wont wear out like the m50 pads.


They're called ear pads, not ear cups:tongue:.  I didnt know what you were talking about at first.

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This is another alternative (Shure SRH940 pads)


It's also important to know that some aspects of the sound change when using different pads. 

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Excellent, thank you very much! Sad that I need to buy new ones as these were awesomely soft on day one, but at least I know it's normal.

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How to proper take care of headphones (suggestions are welcome)

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