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For Sale or Trade: Ocharaku Kaede [Final Price Drop]

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale or Trade:
Ocharaku Kaede [Final Price Drop]

Will Ship To: Conus

$680 plus shipping. Or "interesting" trades. Parterre is welcome.

Slight scratch on the tube. About 1mm. The logo is a bit faded on the cable.

No longer in production. Limited 200 unis wink.gif

*Please. Paypal Gift or cover the fees.

Also, no eCheck.
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Yea. Guess everyone who wanted a Kaede bought theirs. I probably should pull this from the market soon.
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These are excellent and rare earphones.

To bad no one is interested.

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actually... recently i used paypal to make several transactions, including shopping for the noble audio k10, e-check is ok, because if you don't have enough money in your paypal balance you can select an option to transfer money from your bank account and this is e-check, buyer still cannot cancel while transaction is going on, you can just wait for the e-check money go into your account and then you can deliver your goods... there is no danger in there, just do not send your goods before the money achieve your account.:smile_phones:

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