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When I auditioned the Meridian Direct at the dealer, I brought my Sony Vaio laptop (3-years-old, USB2 ports) and had zero problems. Bringing the DAC home, I am having issues with my HTPC and its Intel Z87 USB3 ports. And now looking at the Meridian website, this appears to be a known issue that I seemed to have overlooked. So while I am using the DAC via its optical input, I am hoping Meridian releases a new driver soon to support USB3 under Windows.

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Hi all,

Just got my Herus in the mail. Cannot wait to get it home!

Anyone want me to compare to Director?
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I do!


Is that the Concero HD?


My top contenders to compare to the Direct DAC ($700) include the Arcam irDAC ($700), TEAC UD-501 ($750), and Schiit Gungnir USB2 ($850).

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I have both gungnir and director and the sound of both are close. It really comes down to preference. At times I can't tell if there is any difference. I do find myself listening to the schitt more.
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Just started listening to Herus. I know audio equipment is not supposed to be analyzed right away, but I can tell you now: Meridian is better by far.

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I couldn't take it anymore. I had to finally stop listening to the HERUS after 3 hours tonight.  It was seriously edgy to me. Almost as edgy as Dragonfly.


Took it out and feel so relieved. 



I seriously miss my Meridian Director. I guess I didn't realize a good thing when I had it. :(




*** EDIT ****


Just listened to DSD album. I'm now in the "DSD sounds great" camp. Non edgy, lots of texture, sounds like what I imagine really good analogue would sound like.


Too bad that I mostly listen to streaming and non-DSD files :(

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Why are you downgrading? Did you get rid of the Meridian? It sounds like you can't get it back???


Try out the $750 TEAC US-501 if you want to play with DSD.


If you are playing with side-grade products, also try the Arcam irDAC and Schiit Gungnir USB2.

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Hey Schneller,


Yeah, I got to thinking that it would be nice to be able to have both a DAC and a HEADAMP... I love listening to my system, but I also love to watch movies using my headphones lately.



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... just a heads up for the thread visitors from the UK. Meridian Director DAC is currently on sale @ Sevenoaks Sound & Vision. It's nicely down to 300£ (that's £150 saving). Well, basically it's just £50 more then Meridian Explorer atm. Interesting ....


Here is the direct link:




I've ordered one just to see (hear) what's that all fuss about the Meridian house sound :D  Will see how it goes ...

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I got mine at a steep discount as well. I have to wonder whether Meridian is trying to get rid of them due to faulty hardware. My Direct DAC only works in Windows7 when the Advanced settings are set to 16- or 24-bit at 44100 Hz. Anything higher causes the USB lights on the DAC to switch to 2x or 3x but then no sound comes from the DAC. No word on any solution from Meridian. I have been in contact with them. I am also using the latest 1.67 driver.

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$699 USD here.  :(


I'm enjoying one right now.  Does yours say "Director" or "Direct DAC"?  mine says Director.

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Do you use USB3 by any chance? I *really* don't want to believe that I will end up with the same problems as iDSD (at the moment unusable on my MacBook Air (Late 2013) and dekstop PC with Intel xHCI USB3 platform).  Although your manifestation is a bit different as I can't stream with iDSD at all (it starts and then just everything is stuck after less then a minute). Anyhow, hardly doubt that they are clearing the stock as Sevenoaks was the only e-tailer with heavy discount. I do believe that Meridian is a bit overpriced and £299 was the price I was prepared to pay for the Director DAC.  In any case, Sevenoaks offer 30 day hassle-free returns so purchase is more or less safe.




Direct DAC is just the naming game as in the US, because of some reason, Meridian can't use the "Meridian Director" branding. Essentially, it's the same machine with different name.

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Oh, I didn't know that the Director was actually named something else in the UK.  I thought Direct Dac was just a shortening of the name head-fiers used. :)

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Originally Posted by HiFiGuy528 View Post

$699 USD here.  :(


I'm enjoying one right now.  Does yours say "Director" or "Direct DAC"?  mine says Director.


Cool, even one of the Woo Audio guys likes it. What are your thoughts on it so far?  

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My box says Director.


After some trial and error, my Director works fine via USB only when the advanced settings in Windows are set to 16- or 24-bit at 44100Hz only. Any other setting and I get errors. Meridian is aware of the problem.

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