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Well I think you would be happy with either headphone, especially at that price point. A couple things I have noticed...

The Beats are more comfortable than the M50s. Those new pads on the Beats are extremely soft and they apply the perfect pressure for my somewhat small head. The removable cables with the Beats is also a huge plus. They come with a regular cable and one with a remote and mic on it and they both seem well made.

Now in the looks department, it's no contest. The matte black Beats look incredible. The M50s look like they belong in a studio. The only down side, people may view you as a snob for wearing them in public.

For mastering music the M50s have the edge BUT I wouldn't say either has a completely neutral sound signature. The Beats are obviously "heavy handed" and they have this hiss from the active noise canceling that can't be turned off. For normal/active use you don't notice it so much, but in quiet passages you can definitely tell it's there. The M50s also have a slight bass emphasis, not nearly as much as the Beats though. Also, to my ears the M50s aren't exactly neutral up top either. They are a bit bright, and while it may bother some, I kind of like it.

For casual listening I find the Beats more pleasing out of these two headphones, but I recently bought a pair of Sony MDR-1R MK2s and I haven't been able to put them down. In my opinion, they best the Beats in every category except maybe looks.

EDIT: I don't master music, but maybe consider the Sony MDR-7506 or the headphones FiioforMeOh mentioned. I no longer own the MDR-7506s but I remember them being the most neutral out of the headphones above. Hope this helps!
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I had a chance to listen to the new Beats Studios today.


Man, they are pretty good. Mids and highs are clear but obviously the bass sounds great.


Comparing them to my M50's... the Beats Studios just sound a lot more fun. Maybe I'm just a sucker for bass. Or maybe its the noise cancellation?


Can anyone suggest headphones that match thew new Beats Studio sound, but are in the M50's price range? (Or am I asking too much? :etysmile:)

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I have had my studios since Jan and can say they have been fun to listen to. I was concerned that the "beats bashing" would get to me and it would influence my listening but it hasn't at all. I have the M50x as well and while I like them and they are inexpensive I prefer the studios in almost every way.

The hard case Is great for mobile listening. The studios are super comfy and clamp just right on me. I use them on the driving range while working on my golf game and never get in my way. They sound great! The bass is perfect for me, the mids aren't too recessed and the highs aren't harsh.

The ANC isn't BOSE quality at all but thankfully the sound quality isn't BOSE quality either. These sound way better than the BOSE offerings.

I'm totally satisfied with this purchase.
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I bought a new pair of the Beats Studios on Amazon for $199.00 shipped last week, and I am VERY PLEASED with them out of my Samsung Galaxy S5 phone!
They sound surprisingly good across the board.
Accurate? um no. Fun? Extremely!
I love the experience when listening to all genres of music.
They sound very lively, very dynamic, and have really good bass.
I do not find them harsh or sibilant at all.
I also bought a pair of Bose QC25, just to compare, and I prefer the Studio in every way, except NC.
I also got the Studios $100.00 cheaper at Amazon.
I will be returning the QC25's
The studios are simply more alive, open, dynamic, and fun compared to the Bose to my ears.
I also own a pair of the Audiotechnica M50's, and I simply perfer the Studios on most music.
The AT M50's sound slightly metallic and/or sibilant in the treble, and somewhat recessed in the mids compared to the Studios. The bass on both is comparable, IMHO.
I do prefer the Sennheiser HD600/650 to the Studio, however.
They are more accurate, neutral across the board, and image better, but now they aren't as fun sounding as the Studio!
I do have a question.
Are there any adapters available that I could use to listen to the Studios through my home CD player or my headphone amp which all use the 1/4" jack?
I tried the HD 600 1/4" plug and the AT M50 1/4" plug, and could not get a secure fit, and could only hear the left channel.
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Sad to say that the quality of the studios now pales in comparison to the ATH M50X.

The new M50s have better ear cups, a more accurate and engaging sound with better mids. The new Studios are now junky, with faulty rechargeable batteries and noise cancellation issues. For a while there they were improving so much, now that Apple owns them they've gone down in quality.

Save your money, get the M50X to those who are ever wondering.
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