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Wrong Thread!

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Not relevant anymore!
Edited by slayerx44 - 1/9/17 at 4:13am
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There's a deals thread you know..

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My bad, I read as that forums is for sponsors only.
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Everything in Singapore is so expensive... It's cheaper to buy it in China than to buy it in Singapore lol. Markups are too stupid.

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It quite cheap in China. It only cost 170~190 pounds.

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Where do you live in china? I don't remember seeing any headphone shops there at shanghai.
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Shanghai have many headphone shops. The most famous is in No.160 Zhejiangzhonglu road, shanghai. My friend often come there to try new headphones. I am live near shanghai. But now in UK.

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Ah , thanks for the heads up, will visit there when I go overseas in December, thanks!
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Thank you so much, slayerx44 for the heads up on this offer.

Cheers and take care.
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Np, glad I could help someone!
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  • slayerx44, Bro may I know whats the shop name? Because I went to check the unit address it call Digital Style thats beside courts and when I call up to check the price. They told me is SGD$599. 
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Evening derranbrain,

Shop name is Digi Lifestyle.

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Hey leinadhok bro,

Thanks bro! I will go and check it out! 



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hey leinadhok, did you manage to get the SGD$399 deal? when i was there , there was only one box of UE900 left hanging.


Darranbrain : It was stated as SGD$399 on the pricetag, the shop assistant may just be unaware of the deal, hope you can still get it, goodluck,

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Evening slayerx44,

Got it yesterday evening after work around 7pm.
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