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HD650? Possible scam?

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Hello I purchased some used HD650 on head-fi. The headphones came in, and well the condition was not as the seller said. I paid $285 for them. Should I dispute and return them via paypal or just keep them? I am upset because theres some paint chipping, was rat dropping or some other brown little dot(s) under the earpads, the headphone stank really bad (compared to ANY headphone I've ever bought), and worst of all, was the box was super small that the HD650 came in. I thought I was scammed when I saw the size of the box. It just turned out the seller stuffed the HD650 is there rough, practically bending them. Check out the pics:



This was what the seller said:



does not include the original box, manual, or 1/4 to 1/8 inch adapter plug. the headphone only.   The headphones are in immaculate cosmetic condition, no dents or scratches are visible to my eye. im asking 285 shipped in the lower 48 states



So should I make paypal dispute? I've been scammed on head-fi before, specifically when I bought a used Schiit Valhalla, the seller is doing the same thing the seller of these HD650 is doing. They don't get online as often, don't really reply to PM (I sent one to let him know I was suprised and a little unhappy). I left neutral feedback, which I might switch to negative, after seeing inside driver cover/diaphragm or whatever its called. It had holes pressed in and torn, which I never noticed when I owned Sennheiser headphones before (HD595, HD650 a year back). What do ya'll think?



Beaten up box and small (I thought I was scammed right here lol)



After I removed the earcup:



Look at the right corner, and you see a gash. Is that why it sounds different than what I remember of HD650?:



A closer look at the right corner:



Final look at the corner:



Other cups diaphragm or whatever the inside is without the earcup on:



You can see the slight paint chipping (I did pull most of the loose paint/plastic off with my finger nail) :




So what do ya'll think?

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I'd bug the seller first, and if they won't make things right involve PayPal... make sure the seller knows you mean business i.e. you have 48rs to respond and rectify the situation OR you will be reported to PayPal for misrepresenting a product. With the sad state of the cans AND the old AD listing them in "immaculate" condition you will get your money no problem. Log everything and even take a screen cap of the AD in case it "disappears" 


Good Luck!

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FYI Paypal's 'item not as described' protection only applies to eBay items.


In this case you can open a dispute but all the seller has to do is upload the proof of postage. If you escalate it to a claim citing 'item not as described', Paypal will close it in the seller's favor. The process is automated and no human at Paypal will review your case.


Paypal buyer protection outside of eBay is a joke. The seller could send an empty box, a brick, or Apple earbuds. As long as they have proof of postage they are covered.

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^oh man... Good to know...
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Well that's just great. I guess if there's no internal damages (from what people are saying), all the cosmetic damages are not a big deal....:( 

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Originally Posted by vampire5003 View Post

Well that's just great. I guess if there's no internal damages (from what people are saying), all the cosmetic damages are not a big deal....:(




You could cut your losses... sell them for cheap and then find another set of HD650's?

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