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I wrote a few words on the Kaiser 10 as well...

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Thanks for the link and review - I think Noble is going to do very well and leave Heir in the dust.

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Finally!!! Now it is time to read and enjoy your reviews and as soon as I´m done with it I will have to work double shift and save every single penny!!!! Hopefully for Christmas ;)

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Comment removed due to my stupidity I didn't notice that "info..." Was actually a link
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I guess it's safe to say that, between Heir's promotions and Noble future better uiems, the resale value for Heir products has just dropped.
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Originally Posted by Dom Isaac View Post



Imagine if someone put 30 drivers in a CIEM!



Come on, Dr. Moulton!


Prove us wrong..again. ;)


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30 drivers? He would have to use my ear impressions, this time.
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Originally Posted by Sinocelt View Post


That is exactly what I was thinking!

The Wizard

Here at Noble, we craft some of the finest universal and custom in-ear monitors available today. 

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