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Ad700 help needed please...

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Hey all,


So yesterday the right driver in my Ad700 headphones lost sound. This happened while I was wearing them and I was stationary and all so at first I thought it was something regarding the laptop I was plugged into. I disconnected them and plugged them into my phone and still no audio from right driver. No matter how I fiddled with the cord I never got any audio to the right side. I opened them up and no wires were loose or disconnected and nothing was touching one another so I doubt it was a short. Thinking it was perhaps the jack, I cut the old jack off (as well as about 3-4in of cable) and replaced it with a new one. This time I temporarily got some sound from the right driver, but it was weak and distorted (mostly just distorted lows coming out, nothing on the higher end). I lost that sound within a minute or so.


I've had these headphones for about 3 years and I've always taken great care of them. I know these things happen and I need your guys advice on how to proceed. I believe I can send them to Audio Technica for repair but I'm not certain how much it'd cost. I know they charge at least $40 just to diagnose problem. Getting a new driver is about $12 or so shipped but to be honest I'm not very good at all with technical things such as rewiring and such... With that said does anyone have any suggestions on what to do? Anyone know of somewhere/someone I can send them to who can fix them for a decent price? I'd really like to keep these headphones as I love their fit and I honestly can't afford a new pair (I bought them back when they were $80 on amazon, now they're around $150 new! :blink: ) Anyway, any help is greatly appreciated.


Many thanks in advance,



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Keep an eye on Amazon, eBay and Head-Fi's "Headphone for Sale" thread, a used AD700 for a good price might pop up.

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But I'm more looking for a solution to fix them vs. replace.

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Originally Posted by v1ndictiv3 View Post

But I'm more looking for a solution to fix them vs. replace.

I would assume for the cost of shipping and repairs, it might only cost just a little to just buy used.


But here is a link the Audio Technica's repair support page.


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