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Just ordered some  Red Headphone Cable  from WyWires  One SE with a 1/4 jack for my HUGO and one balanced with XLR plug for my (to come) ED 4-45. 

I was unable to find any info on the type of litz wire used.
Silver or plated?

My guess is that unless stated so,
its not OCC which is best process of metal regardless of type whether copper or silver or even if litz.

The fact that it is a litz configuration is very good but does not automatically place it in league of say a twag or other silver cable..
I only point out concerns since the ed series benifit greatly to detail with that S-logic so you would want a detailed wire
yet Im not saying anything negative it may be a great upgrade from stock but I don't know because the stock cables are of good quality

Ok I just checked and those cables strength is in their litz configuration only (like Cardas),
and has no OCC or silver or plated.
Just high quality copper so I don't understand why the savings isn't pass on to buyer as it costs same as similar cables with OCC..
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