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EAC Ripping Help!!

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Hello All,


Previously i had it working no problems at all, but my ripping on my new computer is doing basically...nothing.


I followed these two guides:


It seems like while its working it should be just fine, however my .flac files are basically nothing. If i open in VLC it shows the time the song is, but it doesnt play, the status bar doesnt even increment in time. I noticed this on my Cowon Z2 but there the timer would count up but again no audio.


Upon inspection my .flac file sizes are much much MUCH too small. in the KB range...anyone know what might be causing this?

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Should i post this in a different thread?

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Weird. Try following this guide (it was written by the same guy but It does work for me)

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That actually looks like the exact same guide just posted somewhere else

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Beuler...anyone have an idea on how to troubleshoot it?

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Switch to dBpoweramp to see if that will help.  Also, did you do a flash install of EAC?  If you are running Win 7 pro, then one way to make sure you have a clean test bed is to install the free virtual machine, or the Windows XP Mode, in your system, and run EAC from that.

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+1 dbPowerAmp, although I use ALAC now, and just use iTunes.  Much simpler, I used EAC back in the day.  Poorly supported/documented, even for a freeware program.  Foobar2000 would be the freebie to use if you want to stick with freeware. iTunes won't make FLAC files.  dbPower amp with rip, and transcode your files well.

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