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For Sale: EOI - AK100 - Almost New

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For Sale:
EOI - AK100 - Almost New

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hi All,


I am not sure if I want to sell or not.  This unit is in new condition and has been cared for meticulously since I bought it on a whim a couple of weeks ago from Addicted to Audio.


The only reason I am considering selling is I am not sure I need it to be honest.


I have had a whirlwind journey into head-fi and I went and bought some nice phones, an amp, then a better amp, then a dap then a better dap.

I found myself with just my headphones and my mobile phone on the train today and well... I really just enjoyed the music.  It got me to thinking, do I really need to cart around $1500 of gear around every day just to enjoy my music.


Also potentially for sale is my Jaben GoVibe Porta Tube amp as per the link below.




As I said, I am not sure if I want to sell, but I am not sure I get the value from the money invested.


Both of these items are new and still under warranty.


Thanks for reading.


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Keeping this.
I love it too much.

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