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I could not found any frequency response graphed measurements for the new Xb headphones which includes the Xb 400 Xb 600 Xb 800 xb10 and x05. Since no one has yet measured these headphones, could someone Atleast make an interpretation of the frequency spectrum? I am looking for one that has the least upper mid range around the 2khz range because I am tired of 2khz making my ears ring on the Xb 700's while listening to death core. The best way to measure the frequency response is to go on YouTube and find a sound sweep test from 20khz to 20hz. Keep track of the loudness of each frequecies for example, what frequencies sound the loudest and quietest.

If you own one or more of the new Xb series, could you compare it with the older xb700's so I could use it as a benchmark
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