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hi all


long time lurker, first time poster.


i just have a simple question on the purchase of my next iem's for my iphone 5.


im currently using ATH-CKS90i's with comply TSX400s which I dearly love but have just had the jack recently repaired.  it looks a little shoddy (the jack) but it works, and I fear that it wont last too long.  


i use my iems over 5 hours a day for work and driving around (i dont use the car stereo).  the ATH's have proved to be excellent, with great bass, good isolation with the complys, and comfortable enough to wear for most of my waking day.  they've also suffered a number of abrupt ear pulls and have worked faultlessly.  (the only reason the jack broke was that i used them to run.  mistake.  i have since stopped running :)  but have chosen a different form of exercise)


i mainly listen to r&b, hip hop (spotify 320k rips), and podcasts, all with an equal sharing.  bass however, is high on my agenda.


im looking to upgrade.


I'd like to spend no more than $200 AUD and dont mind buying second hand, refurbed, or even much older models if they fit my needs, which are:


Bass, lots of it!

Comfort, needs to be inserted over 5 hours a day, prefer a deep insertion (snicker)

Mic on cord (for windy days)

iPhone compatible remote (need for siri, hangups, skip songs, volume up down etc)

NOT over ear


Most recently i have bought and sold or given away:

Brainwavz M4 (no volume on remote.  annoying!!)

Sennheiser MM70i (hello bass?)

Denon C300 (mic was cruddy and useless on windy days, insertion was too shallow but the bass was to die for).



If i was to have an ultimate iem, it would have the bass of the C300's the insertion and mic of the 90i's, with the weight of the M4's or 70i's.


Does such an iem exist within the budget?  or should i just get the ATH-CKS99i's?  there are some excellent iems that have been suggested on these boards, but many of them have no mic, are over ear, are way too expensive or just do not have enough information or reviews to warrant a purchase.


any suggestions?


thanks for reading