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Need some good earbuds

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This is mainly just for work and possibly running/working out. Normally I listen with my sennheiser HD595s but I can't bring those to work.


I don't want to spend a ton of money on these, but I do want something that sounds decent. In my (extremely limited) experience with earbuds, they always have sounded terrible.

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Have a look at yuins offers?

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Just to clarify - are you looking for actual earbuds, or IEMs?

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I thought IEMs were mostly for musicians playing live, but some googling shows that I'm wrong :). I'm open to either really, just throw out some suggestions. 

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If it's for running - I prefer buds to IEMs (IEM's unfortunately bone deliver the thump of your feet on pavement - I think it's called bone conduction).  Couple of cheap options whcih don't sound too bad:

 - Apple Earpods + get some foam covers (seriously - they actually sound OK)

 - HSA PAA-1Pro (review here -

If you wanted to spend a bit more - but get crystal clear sound - then HSA Living is one that has been really growing on me. They are expensive though - not really a value prospect.


As David suggested - look into Yuin's offerings, and also Blox - both have a good following.


For IEMs - good isolation and great sound - OK for walking, but not really for anything too strenuous - have a look at the HSA BA100.  I have a review sample now - and I see Noisy Motel has them for $59 (  They are seriously good value.  You'll see some reviews of these starting to hit the forums in the next week or so.


Other places to check - try


For IEM's - Joker's thread is THE place to go -

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