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In-ears for a Grado fan

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So I currently have a pair of SR80s that I absolutely love. The problem is I like to listen to music at night before going to sleep. The sound leakage bothers my wife, and I'd also like to be able to lay on my side.


I've never paid much attention to in-ears so I don't really know what I'm looking for. Any recommendations for a good clear set, not too heavy on the lower frequencies? My budget is in the $100 range, but I may go a little higher if it's really worth it.



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Ath-esw9. Closed headphones. Grado like but warmer. Very tube like sound yet forward mids.
Get them refurbished on amazon for 149.
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Those do seem right up my alley, but don't really address the issue of being able to lay on my side. Thanks for the recommendation.

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I've had many iem and even with shure e530 or jh13 I can't lay on my side. It's hard with something in your ear.
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I wouldn't describe them as having a Grado sound, but there are dual armature IEMs that have a more of a neutral sound, an accurate frequency response. In other words, very clean and detailed sound. Check out MEElectronics A161P. Or for a little over your budget, Rokit R-50s.

Otherwise, these could solve your problem. Just not by being placed in your ears wink.gif
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