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Hey all,
I may be asking the impossible, however....
I am after a pair of over the ear phones that sounds fantastic, which are efficient enough to run directly from an ak100.
I have about $500 to spend
I currently have a pair of mad dog 3.2s which fall just outside this for me. They sound great but fall ever so slightly short for volume.
I am after something with Good bass extension, decent impact and a nice welcoming tone.
I guess if I could liken what I am after to anything it would be the hd650 sound.
I have owned the going closed cans.
Senn momentum-sold due to muddy bass and to small for my ears
Vmoda lp2-good bass head can, but that's about it
Mad dog-still own them, love them and use them with an amp but want something more portable.

Any advice would be fantastic