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Hey everyone. I am new to this forum. I want to put out there that I have a ton of questions because I want to know what I am getting my self into before I make a purchase.  As the title says, I am looking for the best noise isolating headphones. I would very much like them to be able to block out human voice to the point where if someone was sitting next to me talking, I couldn't be able to pick out what they are saying without having any music on. I do not want to use earplugs or anything like that because I want to be able to listen to music with them. I understand it is impossible to totally block human voice out and that is why I want to at least hear muffling because for some reason when I try to read, my ears will try to unintentionally listen in on people's conversation which distract my studies. I want headphones that are clear in sound, have really great bass, and are outstanding at blocking noise (mainly human voice). I would also like to mention that having  a mic would be of great convenience but not entirely needed.


My price range is mainly set on around $100 because I am on a budget, however, I can reconsider to up to $200 if they seem worth it to me.


I do not want any noise cancellation headphones like Bose quiet comfort because I know they are only effective for active noise (airplane, cars, city noise, etc). I did do research and learned that noise isolating headphones block human voice better than noise cancelling headphones.


I did a ton of research and narrowed it up between two in-ear headphones which are shure se215 and etymotics hf5 because of their isolating and sound quality specs. I read that the shure se215 isolates up to 37 db of noise vs. the etymotics h5 isolating between 35-42 db of noise. The read that the sound on the shure se215 is overall great, having more bass and good sound clarity. On the other hand, I read that the etymotics have the best sound clarity but lack in bass. I listen to hiphop, funk, rap, breaks, jazz, r&b, alternative rock, country, soul, etc. I would also like to know if these measurements of db isolation are of any significance when blocking out noise because I'm definitely not an expert. Also, the shures se215 lets you purchase the triple flange ear tips which are like the stock ear tips for the etymotics. if I do buy the shures with the triple flange tips, will they isolated sound equal to the etymotics? And the etymotics also have foam replacement tips which is the shape of a cylinder. So I'm wondering if i replace my etymotics with those foam tips, will the noise isolation be better?


I suppose you get the idea that the headphones that I want is more focused on blocking sound.


I'm more favoring towards in ear because they do a better job at blocking the sounds I need to be blocked. Closed headphones from my research, seem decent at canceling headphones but they have to have music on in order for the sound to be blocked. Unless I'm wrong because I do not have any real experience with headphones and merely just do research.


If there are any better headphones that qualify to my needs, please do mention them to me because I really do not want to regret what I buy. Please do not think I'm an audiophile or think I know everything because I only do research. That's the only resource that I have and I would and am willing to definitely like to be educated more on this topic. I do apologize for this extremely long explanation and I hope this does not discourage you to help a amateur like me out.