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Hi everyone!


I just bought a pair of Radiopaq Classical from Amazon. I am trying 'em since friday. I have little comparisons, just some "stock" smartphone's IEMs and two erabuds : AKG 316 and Sennheiser MX400.


I read Radiopaq Classical are so good (for the price, obvious) and i also paid so little money for them (13€) that i don't know if I can write that... i am disappointed.


I knew there are not (absolutely) bass friendly and that is not what i expected. But here we find no bass at all. Classical music has it's percussions, listening to Carmina Burana with no bass it's not so pleasing for me. I usually listen music with my smartphone (yeah... i now...) and use an equalizer (exactly so called) App to choose a "flat" eq. With AKGs i have a good sound (not much isolation, obvious, as they are earbuds), little medium lack, but overall satisfaction.


With Rp. Classical i can enjoy nice medium and highs, but that's all. I needed to eq to max bass. Never did before....


Now i am waiting a pair of Radiopaq Jazz... let's see...