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For Sale: FS: Sennheiser HD800, SN 17XXX

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For Sale:
FS: Sennheiser HD800, SN 17XXX

Up for sale is a pair of HD800 I got off the forums a month or two ago. Really tried to love these, and they do sound great, but a little bright for my tastes and I've decided to transition to speakers for now. They're about three months old total, I'd estimate around 50-60 hours total on them. Overall in good condition but a few signs of use I should point out. First there's a few grain of sand sized nicks in ear cups around the the gimbal area. I tried my best to take pics of them all but they're very small so they might be a little difficult to see. Also, there's a small split in the rubber around one of the connectors, which you should be able to spot in one of the pictures. The phones themselves were refurbs, however they come with the same 2 year warranty that sennheiser supplies to all their HD800's, so if this really bothers you I would venture to guess a replacement would be covered under the warranty. Will ship with box even though it's not pictured. Any further questions feel free to PM and I'll answer as soon as I can.

In terms of the sale itself, I will cover shipping but I'll leave paypal fees up to the buyer (or paypal gift works as well). I'll leave the choice of USPS vs FedEx vs UPS ground up to the buyer. Shipping to CONUS or CANADA only. Not looking for any trades at present, as I'm saving for a pair of speakers.
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