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Hi and thanks for reading,

I am sorry to say this is another "which headphones" thread, though I do know about open and closed cans, as well as the renown hd 650s and the beyerdynamic dt 880s open backs. I am currently at University studying music production so at the moment open backs i doubt i could get away with in lectures as much as i am interested in the more natural sound they are known to provide. I have been saving for a major upgrade in headphones and nearly a month later of forum crawling i have been circling the MDR 7520s over and over, I hear nothing but good reviews with the occasional mention of loudness issues though its a compromise for the headphones many positive qualities I think.



I know there will be a suggestion of trying out a series of headphones im interested in but sadly the closest music shop to me only have shure and krk headphones which are both nice as i did try them though im willing to spend a bit more for a set of higher end headphones il still be using long after my place at university and didnt want to rush into the first pair that sounded reasonably good.


Well getting to the point, If I want to purchase the 7520s I have to order from America which is all good and fine apart from the £100 + price along with post n packaging they put on top for bringing them into the UK. I mean I know alot of high end cans are pricey but I dont think anyone (with limited funds) could part happily go ahead with it.


So any advice on possibly getting my hands on a pair of these headphones without selling my soul would be greatly appreciated, Though in this case The uk have drawn the short straw or more created the short straw so they could be the ones to take it by not allowing MDR-7520s to be sold in the UK.


Failing that any possible suggestions for cans equal too the MDR-7520s or superior would be great, without suggesting the HD 650s ;p




For some added info on my musical preferences, I generally produce electronic music, from chill step to glitch hop, trance, french house, One of my sources for finding these headphones was in finding out madeon uses the z1000s and his sound is similar to what id like to aim for in a way.


Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks, Apologies for the mini essay... I cant help it.