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For Sale: FS: Sennheiser HE60 + HEV70

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For Sale:
FS: Sennheiser HE60 + HEV70

Will Ship To: CONUS

I'm putting my Sennheiser HE60/HEV70 system up for sale. Both the headphones and amp rate at about 7/10 for age, with minor signs of wear mostly on the plastic bits. I replaced the earpads and headband with brand new ones in mid-July.

I replaced the o-rings with blue latex-free elastic bands as the old ones have deteriorated. I have a brand-new unopened pair of o-rings that will be included.

The headphones were reterminated to 5-pin Stax Pro in early July. Since then, there has been a channel imbalance to the order of 6dB in favor of the left channel. I am uncertain as to whether this is due to the retermination or other issues as I haven't had time to send them in to Drew for a check-up. The imbalance can be remedied through use of analog/digital channel balance controls, such as on most Stax amps.

Six of the eight screws were replaced with screws from a PS1 controller, as the Sennheiser stock ones are notoriously soft and strip very easily.

The HEV70 seems fully operational (including the channel balance control), but gets very hot. I have noticed issues with the unit when playing beyond a day (distortion), so I'd recommend an amplifier with Stax Pro outputs instead. A Stax Pro -> HE60/HEV70 adapter is included so you can use the HE60 or other Stax Pro headphones with the HEV70 if you wish.

The headphones come in the Sennheiser box, but I do not have the original manuals/documentation.

The last time I tested these with the HEV70, there was a slight low-amplitude buzzing in the right channel. I had a similar experience previously that was related to dust, but I am not sure. The left channel played perfectly, as usual.

This set is sold as-is. I would recommend purchasing these only if you are (or have access to) an electrostatic professional, and are prepared to commit any necessary effort to restoring the right channel. I would start by getting the electrical connections checked by Moon-Audio, then sending to Sennheiser from there.

No trades. Prospective buyers who previously demonstrated interest during the IC period strongly preferred (in order). CONUS buyers preferred. Non-CC payments; add 4% if paying by PayPal Goods.

I will answer serious inquiries.
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Pictures added (many of them). As you can see my 7/10 condition estimate might be quite conservative, and the wear is rather tasteful mostly as a testament towards its vintage. It's really a rather beautiful set that just needs some TLC to return to its prime.


P.S. it is absolutely a coincidence that the color of the elastic bands matches the Sennheiser blue on the box. :o 

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Will Sennheiser service this pair or are they hands off because of the re-termination?  I'd be interested but only if the channel imbalance can be resolved.

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Not sure why they wouldn't as they have all the bits to test it with the HEV70 or even reterminate back to the original factory spec if needed (i.e. using the HE60/HEV70 male connector on the adapter). I'd check with Dwight Stevenson at Sennheiser ( for an answer to an official capacity. I'll try to get some intel myself on that possibility.


There's also the possibility that a check up of the retermination itself could lead to its resolution (since the imbalance didn't appear before the retermination), but I'm not an expert.

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For interested parties: I spoke with Uwe from Sennheiser this afternoon, and Sennheiser would be willing to service the unit even with the third-party termination so long as a HEV70 is present and there is a means of connecting the HE60 to the HEV70 for testing.


He expressed the opinion that it was extremely unlikely that the drivers themselves are at fault since in his experience one or both drivers generally experienced complete failure (rather than discrepancies in volume). I will try to send the setup in to re-evaluate the retermination, particularly with regards to that resistor I requested.


I have been unable to replicate the issues with the HEV70 that I was having earlier (before retermination), but I will test further before I revise my description of its operation.

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No need to bump this.  I'm ready to buy when you are..

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^^ :eek: 


I would offer on this if it's still for sale. 

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Back up Matt  ;)

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I have one gear D. :tongue:

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Make way for me lads, will be mine straight away if willing to ship to Aus.


Btw did Drew include a ballast resistor when he recabled them?

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The only fair thing to do is to sell them to the guy with the most post and most positive trader feedback. ;)

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Oh GOD. Want.

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Now absolutely for sale. Please read the thread carefully. Individuals who PMed me previously with the intent to buy are preferred.

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