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Worthy upgrade from Marantz 2230

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Hello everyone! I'm starting to get the itch to upgrade and was looking for some opinions. My current setup is foobar (flac mostly)> Odac > Marantz 2230 > dt 990 pros (250 ohm). 


I was thinking that a dedicated headphone amp might be a good place to make my next upgrade although I'm open to any opinions really. I was considering the LD mk3 or the Schiit Asgard 2. They are both at the higher end of my price range. I was leaning more towards the Asgard as I don't have much interest in tube rolling and also I consider it being made in the USA (near my hometown) a plus. 


My question, I guess, would be does anyone have experience with both the marantz and either of those amps. I'm curious as to whether or not there will be a big enough difference to justify the upgrade. I'm guessing the best bet would be to just order the Asgard and see for myself as it has a 15 day return policy but I'd rather get some opinions in an effort to not waste peoples' time and the small 5% transaction fee for returning the amp should it not be what I'm looking for. 


Thanks for your time and opinions 

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I like the DT990.

I usually plug my DT990 (Premium 600-ohm) into my receiver for Blu-ray movies.

But you might look into spend cash towards upgrading headphones (Philips X1/28 Fidelio?) and less on an amplifier (get the Magni).

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I've had the Asgard and TOTL desktop headphone amps and felt Vintage 70's receivers were definitely superior even to them.

I believe vintage Pioneer receivers will better suit you than the Marantz.  Sometimes Marantz has a fuzzy warm thing going on that some love and some don't.

Pioneers tend to be more cleaner sounding.  

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Thanks, I appreciate the input guys. I thought that I met be better off just saving for different headphones because of how well received vintage receivers tend to be. I will hold off on any upgrades until I can audition a few of the headphones I'm interested in but they are currently out of my price range.


I'm glad to hear that you've the had Asgard and still thought vintage receivers sounded better sling5s since it will save me money that can be spent elsewhere and I think I might enjoy the warm fuzzy thing you speak of over more cold analytic sounding gear but I will keep an eye out for vintage pioneer amps to listen to in order to confirm this. Your'e answer was right on point with what I was looking for.


Thanks again

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Coming from someone who's also had plenty of integrated amps to serve as headphone amps: just stick with your Marantz. Unless you value precision way more than just enjoying the music, the difference between an outstanding headphone amp and a great speaker amp is marginal at best (unless there's some severe output impedance issue). If you do greatly value precision, your amp is not the place to start looking for improvement. And that is not to take anything away from the 990 by the way.

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Thanks Sunshine Reggae! Music enjoyment is the name of the game for me rather than precision although, they are linked to a certain degree imho.  I'm going to stick with my marantz and look into some new headphones once I can collect some more funds. I'm finally starting to hit a wall where I think I'm going to have to spend a substantial chunk of cash to upgrade it appears. I really appreciate your input. I feel bad for questioning my lovely marantz's sound. Hopefully it doesn't take it personally

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Gets some grados rs1i, works well with marantz
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