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Ok so I am looking for some new IEM's.
I have looked at various posts on here and I'm more confused than ever!

Originally I was going to go for ACS T1's, but after reading some reviews on here my horizons have been widened!
Audio source is just direct out of iPhone / iPad, no amps or anything.
I have had various Shure models in the past and have the SE535's at the minute which I have always liked.
Now that Shure have brought out the 846 I am trying to decide whether to buy those instead of the ACS, or even some other brand.

Music taste is varied, but one of the albums that really sounds excellent on my Shure's is OK Computer so I was wondering if anybody has the album and can say which IEM's do the album justice!?

A bit specific I know, but if that album sounds good I will be happy with the performance on other albums!!

Just to add a bit more confusion into the mix, for £900 for the 846's should I be spending the money on full size headphones???

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