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The OP is clearly using a computer as their source, WASAPI in one rig and spotify in another.  Telling them to revert to something else, be it tape, CD, or vinyl, does not make sense to me.  I have no problem with proponents of Analog or Redbook preferring those mediums to digital but when someone is already locked in it just seems like regression.  

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I planned on upgrading the DAC as well. I just wanted to wait that one out a bit as burson is making a new dac and the schiit statement is coming. Now who knows if they will be better or worse than whats available but I kind of wanted see what they did before I decided on a dac. Everything I do is pc based and don't plan on switching any time soon. I figured if I got the 009 I could stop upgrading headphones for awhile as there is nothing better to get. That statement is a bit subjective but that's how I see it.
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The most important is find right headphone for you, if you will love SR-009 do not look back. And source. Of course important is everything (amp, cables..) but mainly hp and source are the most in my opinion becouse you have base stones (in speaker world it would be sure also acoustically adjusted room). And than quality source will show you what highend headphone is really capable, non tired believable sound. 


I was not satisfy with HD800 in past for example but I want give them new chance on my actual rig and some nice amp when will have chance. But I feel it wont be for me.

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I would only be doing this if you heard an 009 system and really liked it and could pretty much duplicate the chain, possible including the source.

The 009 is the opposite of a plug+play system, and it seems that currently there may not be a perfect amp for it yet. (Certainly there is no consensus around here.)


It's an enigmatic phone, and can be exasperating to get right, sometimes thrilling, sometimes fatiguing for some reason you can't put your finger on.

I would say it's a phone only for someone with lots of high end headphone experience who can deal with the effort it takes to get a high-resolution system to sound right.


If you are familiar with major names in speakers, think trying to get Wilson Audio speakers to sound right vs. Harbeths.


If I were you, I would try TH900s or maybe even an Abyss if you can afford it before jumping into the uncharted stat seas, as both of these take just a reasonable amount of care and feeding to 

make you forget about equipment and just enjoy the music and be end-game worthy (at least until the next generation of phones come out).

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I don't know if the OP is still considering it, but I say get the SR-009 if you can.


I heard a set running off the BHSE, and it made every other can in the room seem like child's play. I don't think the HD800 belongs in the same conversation as the 009. Most cans I've heard are like windows to the music. The 009 was like opening the adjacent door and stepping into the music. It was an experience for sure.


I was so impressed that I immediately committed myself to buying one within my first year of finishing school. It was that good.

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I owned that exact combo with very good associated equipment for almost a year and its not as black and white as the quick audition would lead one to believe - at least not if you put proper care into properly amping the HD800.  Some of the very things that may be considered strengths could be seen by others as weaknesses.  Auditions (preferably extended) are key.

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I've heard the 009's on the llmk2 in my chain.  I really liked what I heard, but not enough to blindly sell off everything else to get it.

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Originally Posted by Mr.Sneis View Post

I've heard the 009's on the llmk2 in my chain.  I really liked what I heard, but not enough to blindly sell off everything else to get it.


In your case it wouldn't be blind.  The way you did it is the preferred way, if possible.

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