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Hi. MP4 Nation has this promotion going on for every B2 purchase, you get an iBasso D-Zero for free.


I am currently using a 4th gen iPod touch with Fiio LOD, connected to a FiiO E12 Mont Blanc amplifier. Paired with a Sony XBA-3, I am satisfied with the SQ I get from most of my 320kbps CBR MP3 files as well as some acoustic FLACs.


The XBA-3 is a detailed IEM, IMO. The bass is just nice. And though the treble can be harsh at times, the E12 being a warm and forward-sounding amp, compensates for the sharp high notes of the IEM. But the E12 has a small soundstage. I tried listening directly from the iPod, and the they sounded wider and with more space. I've also confirmed that this is the case for the E12 by reading reviews. Now I'm considering the iBasso because from what I've read, this DAC/amp combo has good sounsdtage and transparency. Actually, I want the B2 long time ago. Now that they're throwing the iBasso for free, it just gets better. Problem is I don't have plans to buy now, but the iBasso promotion wont be there for so long so I am wondering if it would be a nice addition to my portable setup and just buy the bundle NOW.


I can pull the trigger and get the bundle from MP4 Nation, though I dont know how much of a difference (or improvement) I will get from having a DAC/amp + amp combo. Is it considered double-amping? Is it worth it US$160 for the bundle? For those who tried, how is the sound signature?


iPod touch - FiiO LOD - iBasso D-Zero - FiiO E12 - Sony XBA-3 or Brainwavz B2




Thanks guys!