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Perhaps you would just end up associating music with pain. 

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Today's exercise:

11.5 km on the eliptical - sounds better than it actually is - in reality it's only 30 minutes at a pretty solid pace (heart rate around 115-120).  Knackered at the end of the 1/2 hour though.  Then followed up with 20 minutes of free weights.

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Just realised I had neglected to keep this going - so a quick update .........

My wife and I bought a treadmill earlier in the year, and we've both been using it pretty regularly.

Tania's already lost more than 10kg - and she's almost back to the weight she was when we were married. Pretty stunning after 20+ years of marriage and two kids. She looks damn good too!

I'm now down to 83kg and am running 10km + per session - usually trying to do that at least 3 times a week. More importantly my body fat is now down to around 21%. Still too high but well on the way to where I eventually want it.

Took a longer approach getting to where I am this time - but I think it's been a lot healthier, and it feels more sustainable (long term lifestyle change).
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Congratulations! I can certainly sympathize with wanting to get your weight down, for me I'd like to lose around 30 lbs. I should probably lose more, but the initial loss would be wonderful. I would love to do long distance walking & jogging like I did when I was younger, hiking too, but that stopped after several hundred pounds of lumber being dropped on me and hurting my knees. It's even more difficult to find motivation after what I was told was a particularly bad case of shingles hurt my back last year. All the doctor really said was "Ooh, this is interesting" after looking at it.

Either way, I should try my best and aim for more activity, and certainly get better about my eating habit. Ihope you and yyour wife continue to progress towards whatever goal you have set!
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Thanks.  We're both actually pretty close to our weight goals now.


I'm just back from another 10Km run this afternoon - and scales tell me about 82.5 - so only a couple of Kg to go.  Actual loss from start so far is now around 14kg or 30lb.


After that the rest is maintaining, and swapping a bit more muscle for fat.  Will happen over time :smile:

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After reading your post I went out for a walk. I'd have to guess 3 miles in about an hour, which for my knees isn't bad. Now to get in a habit so I can push harder, and pick up some weights for upper body. Thanks for at least a little incentive! My VSonic VSD3 helped it along too.
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