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I just bought some of the C5 earbuds and I absolutely LOVE how they sound, but they hurt my ears after only an hour or so. I generally prefer earbuds, but I am willing to consider some full sized headphones.

I mainly listen to hardcore/metal music (quick double kicks) but I also listen to music like Naked and Famous and Daft Punk. I need something that I can listen to in the library, so I assume closed would be better, but I want the best sound possible. I am not a bass head, I like crisp, clean highs but I want the bass to be noticeable. These will be used mainly with my iPhone, and also my laptop. I do not have an amp and do not plan on getting one. My price range is around the $200-$250 mark, but I am willing to pay a little bit more if it is totally worth it. Any suggestions?