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[NEW Blue?] SE215

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Hi my first post I wanted to say hello and ask a question.


I have been looking for a decent pair of IEM and have always considered Shure as been a solid company for this...I am a closet DJ and have accumulated headphones and such over the years...Sony mdr-v600, mdr-v600, sennheiser HD25, AKG 26K, Bose heaphones guys get the picture...nothing here that really breaks the I have a the price point and build of the SE215 is what appeals to me.


Q:  Recently I see a resurgence of the BLUE SE215 for sale on Fleabay (the sellers mainly from China) for about $115.00......I'm not sure if these are actual Limited Edition SE215 with the improved specs, shorter cable and improved sound....or are these guys just putting out a Blue casing and it's the same standard SE215 inside as the black and clear?


Thanks in advance for any input!

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I would honestly just go to amazon and buy the black or whit from directly from them for $99.00. Note is not an authorized seller so even though i don't think they are fakes no guarantees. Shure themselves sell the Black or while  for $99.00 and Guitar center does as well 

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I've never even heard of fleabay, but if you don't trust them I'd probably go with one of the original versions from a trusted seller instead.

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:D...the flea market that is: Ebay

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^Ah, thought it might have been some obscure site :p That doesn't help the case that much, though. There's plenty of fake stuff on eBay.

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Originally Posted by jd305 View Post

:D...the flea market that is: Ebay


I usually never buy from Ebay still like headphones because they are a ton of fakes but i did end up buying the Sony XBA-2 on ebay for $65 ...but the the shure se215 blue for 115 isnt worth the risk since they do sound the same as the Regular se215 but just in blue 

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Yeah...I was a bit skeptical to see these blue se215 ... and I don't see them listed on the Shure site...the Blues were just a limited run


for sure....Ebay definitely has tons of fake earphones


I may go with what's recommended...just buy form one of the authorized online retailers...probably get the se215 Clear

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