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[NEW Blue] SE215

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Hi my first post I wanted to say hello and ask a question.


I have been looking for a decent pair of IEM and have always considered Shure as been a solid company for this...I am a closet DJ and have accumulated headphones and such over the years...Sony mdr-v600, mdr-v600, sennheiser HD25, AKG 26K, Bose heaphones guys get the picture...nothing here that really breaks the I have a the price point and build of the SE215 is what appeals to me.


Q:  Recently I see a resurgence of the BLUE SE215 for sale on Fleabay (the sellers mainly from China) for about $115.00......I'm not sure if these are actual Limited Edition SE215 with the improved specs, shorter cable and improved sound....or are these guys just putting out a Blue casing and it's the same standard SE215 inside as the black and clear?


Thanks in advance for any input!

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I wouldn't be surprised if they weren't even the standard ones in the blue casing. I definitely wouldn't risk it. Maybe someone else can give you some info.

Or perhaps you could get a decent deal off the head fi classifieds, if you don't mind used ones.
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