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For Sale:
Schiit Bifrost & Lyr with the Lorenz Stuttgart PCC88 Gray Shield 1960s tubes (IC's included)

Will Ship To: CONUSA

I have a Schiit Bifrost & Lyr Combo-- both are barely used and in great condition. Sadly, financial reasons have forced me to sell it and the rest of my audiophilia collection (   I never thought this day would come :(   ). The Lyr will come with the Lorenz Stuttgart PCC88 Gray Shield 1960s tubes, I do not have the stock tubes. I've used this combo with both my M50's and Q701's and when I first heard the sound that could come from such a combo, I was not only impressed but couldn't believe my ears. The power of the Lyr surely brings out the sound in such a strong pair of cans like the Q701's and really is only one of the few ways to get the best value and musical quality from a pair of cans like this. I will include all the necessary cables as well that you would need to get this set-up up and running including connectors between the DAC and amp and another connector for optical to USB so you can play sound out of the USB port from your computer. I do not have the original packaging for the items, but will be willing to ship them tightly and well packaged anywhere in the CONUS for flat $25. Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions or would like any additional pictures.