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Hi All,


I've been reading though the forums for a few days trying to find a great path to go down but nothing really has satisfied my requirements.


I am looking to start simply, and buy something that will last with exceptional quality. I simply want to have an turntable, headphone amp and headphones.


I'm looking at buying an AudioBlock PS100. If anyone can make any recommendations on this that would be terrific as there aren't many reviews on it. I've looked into the likes of the RPM line but visually and in terms of engineering the AudioBlock appears to be the best option for the money. Mind you, a colleague has the RPM 9.2 and it does sound sublime. Also, I did have my eye on a ClearAudio Emotion. Something sounds terrific about magnetically suspended bearings, right? or, wrong?


I'm hard pressed to know which headphone amp would be best. As this will be a lifetime buy I think I'd be happy to reach the $800-1000 level price preferably in tube format. I like the idea of the dual mono's or something of the order of the little dot MK's but will it have enough gain?


I've got some pretty good headphones (MDR-7506 that I always end up going back to, Silverado's by California, Etymotic er6i, UE TripleFi and a bunch of others) but I am also considering the Beyer DT 770's (250 ohm) so if this could be factored into headphone amp suggestions that would be terrific.


I've just done so much research it has taken all the fun out of it and finally being brave enough to ask what others opinions might be or better directions I hope to begin the rig. I haven't bought a turntable before as I have used my Dad's JVC (older than I am) when I was living at home and the record collection has now hit more than 100 so it's come time to do something about it - and smash the credit card.


Thanks for reading, I'd appreciate any advice!