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Hey everyone!

I am currently running the followings:

Schiit Bifrost USB - > Woo WA6 w/ Princess Sophia - > HD800/T1


Will most likely add Fostex TH-900 to the mix later on.. Maybe even a audeze or hifiman? (unsure about these yet..)


Also from the woo thread and the WA2 thread i am pretty much convinced to get a WA2 + tube rolling for my two current headphones..


What i am considering is a solid state amp as i am not sure if the TH-900's will work well with the WA2? (will it work with other tubes)

Or is there any other amp upgrades or dac upgrades anyone could suggest?

I prefer a slightly warmer sound signature; although not too much.


Open to opinions as you can ready as much as you want but it can still be tough!

I sell headphone gear in NZ so have access to try a lot of bits but just wanting some thoughts :)