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Noontec Zoro HD or Street Chambers by RZA?

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The Noontec Zoro HD or the Street Chambers by RZA? I wants your opinion on design, sound quality, durability and Bass. And I really love BASS!
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I wouldn't go with either. If you really love bass and don't mind going with an in ear monitor, I can heartily recommend the Shure SE215. They are a kickass basshead headphone but they actually have a great mid and treble response, too.


My review: http://www.head-fi.org/products/shure-se215-special-edition/reviews/9610

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Well I just want to decide between these 2 for now. I like both of them because of style. I'm not an audiophile so please. I just want to decide between these 2 only.
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Interesting to call yourself hifiheadfoneguy when you care primarily about styling :D I'm just teasing, I also care about styling, too. A lot of people here don't and they recommend downright ugly headphones which I can't really deal with. Still, I would recommend not shutting yourself off to other options. Close mindedness is what causes so many awful headphones to sell in the millions.


Still, if you absolutely must pick between the two, I wouldn't even consider the RZA  because I didn't even know he had a headphone out until I saw this thread, and frankly despite liking RZA as an artist, I have zero faith it's anything more than yet another crappy rapper can.


I would definitely go with the Noontec, and that's because Tyl Hertsens (A really respected audiophile) has them on his wall of fame of headphones (a list of his most highly recommended headphones in different price and use categories). Here's his review in which he talks about how the noontec totally "slays" the beats solos:





And for a bit a laugh, here's his solo review


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Well thanks man! I don't know but how about the Monster DNA's. I have the cash but I don't want to buy beats at all! It's around $170 good style. Balanced sound but not too sure if it's worth $170 right? If the Zoro HD's have the same quality. I don't know that much on audio of these 2.
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I also don't know about the Soul SL150 by Ludacris? I want to balance Sound quality, bass, and style. I've tried the sl150 they sound pretty balanced. What do you think?
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And one more. Sorry!! I'm very curious once I put research in! Very very sorry! How about the noontec Hammo. Those seem like very good headphones. Im that guy that likes on-ear more and is wondering if those are around the ear or on-ear. And what is the difference between the Zoro HD's and the normal Zoro headphones. Which one would you prefer?
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Well if you've tried the Soul and you liked it, then that seems like a safe bet for your own personal happiness. From what I've heard the Soul headphones are one of the best choices out of the rapper headphone offerings, but still fairly easy to beat for sound alone. I've never used them, though. I've also heard that the monster DNAs aren't too shabby, and much better than beats, but I have no experience with them.


As for Zoro vs the Zoro HD, it seems like a no-brainer for you to go with the regular version since they have such a good recommendation from Tyl, and you prefer on ear (which they are). I have no idea if the HDs are better, if at all, all I know is that they're circumaural.


Another one you might possibly like is the Onkyo ES-FC300. That's the headphone I'm strongly looking at buying for my portable uses. Not sure if that styling does it for you, but I love the look of it, it's got removable cables, good build and good sound apparently. 


And if you like on ears, you really should be at least considering the V-Moda M80. I didn't find it comfortable, but a lot of people do. They'll definitely satisfy your balance of sound quality, style and bass quantity. You can read my review here:



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The RZA Street Chambers are actually pretty good. They pump bass like you would expect, but the mids don't pay the price for it. The highs sounded a bit recessed to me, though. For on-ear headphones they were very comfortable.

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Could you define High Definition in headphones does it really affect the sound quality?
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It depends what you mean. If you mean headphones being labelled as 'High Definition' that's just meaningless marketing jargon, not an actual feature. It's simply claiming the headphones sound good, nothing more.


If you mean in terms of audiophile terminology, high definition would probably refer to the resolution of a headphone. And basically that means that the sounds you hear are in greater focus, bringing out the details within them. For example, an average everyday headphone can hear the sound of bass guitar. But a headphone that has good resolution can make out the texture of the sound, and the other little details such as the bassists hand sliding on the fretboard etc. It just relates to the definition, the same way higher resolution TVs do. 


So yes, it definitely affects the sound quality. But it's not something you're going to simply find listed on the box. It's not so much a feature as it is a level of performance. The same way a car being "fast" is not a feature or specification.

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Okay thanks! I'll go with the normal Zoros then. And could you recommend me a cable with a 3-button control with a thick wiring and also a good case for the Zoros?
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I assume you'd want thick wiring for protection of the cable? You should get the v-moda 3 button cable. It's not thick but it's braided and kevlar reinforced, really good built quality and not at all flimsy (and great looking). They should be available here (http://v-moda.com/accessories/) but I only see the one button version. Not sure why it's not there, I know for a fact the 3 button version exists, it comes with the M80. Unless you're happy to settle for the one button version or the longer audio only cable, I would suggest contacting V-Moda and asking if they'll sell you a three button one. I can say from experience their support is really good, so you should have some luck with that.


As for a hardcase, maybe this would be a good choice: http://www.slappa.com/HardBody-PRO-Headphone-Case-Dimple?sc=2&category=744 You'll have to check up measurements to make sure it fits, but it looks sturdy. Also comes with other designs here http://www.slappa.com/headphone-case?sc=2&category=744 and here http://www.slappa.com/HardBody-PRO-Headphone-Case-SKULLZ?sc=2&category=744 if either of them are more your thing.

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I can't say for sure, but given that the Zoro is basically the exact same size as the Solo, yeah it should.

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