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I own Beyerdynamic DT990 32 Ohm and Audio Technica A700x. I also have the Razer Surround Sound Software and the Xonar U3 which has DolbyHeadphone and Dolby Pro Logic IIx.



My Questions :



How good the above mentioned headphones can get when used in combination with razer/xonar u3 in terms of directional or surround sound ?



Does it make sense to buy the Sennheiser PC 360 to complement the two headphones that i have ? Will it give me a better directional/Surround sound than DT990 and A700x ?



Do you know any other headphone(s) that can give me superb directional/Surround sound when combined with Razer/Xonar U3 ? Sound Quality doesnt matter that much ... just superb directional/surround sound ..

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