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For Sale:
Sony PHA-1 iDevice DAC and Amplifer (MINT CONDITION)

Will Ship To: U.S.

I'm selling the Sony PHA-1.  Purchased 2 months ago at B&H in New York for $379.  

10/10 on 'operational' and at least a 9/10 on cosmetic--no wear and tear that I can see.

Comes with original packaging and everything that came in the box except one of the four silicone straps, which unfortunately has been lost.


I've been using this with an iPod Touch (5th Gen) via Lightning cable, it's worked perfectly.

It's in the Head Fi buying guide if you want to see a review.  It's a very attractive all-in-one solution.

Promises 5-7 hours' battery life, I always got closer to 7 with IEMs, which is where I think this unit's strength is.  Zero hiss in low gain with my 18-ohm CIEMs.  No tendency to pick up radio interference from WiFi or my iPhone.


Going to leave this here for a week before moving it to eBay, PM me if you're interested.